Sunday, November 17, 2013


Slightly Melt the tea light candle wax. Sprinkle with candy sprinkles and allow to dry.

'Slightly melt the candle wax, sprinkle some sprinkles and allow to dry.'

Found this on Pinterest.
There was one reaction:


It made me think and it made me laugh.
Eh yeah you're right, why?

And not just because those colourful sprinkles always end up in a grey and messy unidentifiable blur.

What are we doing? Thinking being creative is the most important thing in the world? Not.
If you don't even have enough food to eat. But if you do, well it might help to make you feel happy when life doesn't treat you too well.
Or you will be even able to put a smile on someone elses face by giving a little bit of your pleasure you found in being creative. Such as these sprinkled candles.

Beside all of that, with enough chances of developping creativity children will grow up being strong, loving, inspiring and grateful adults with compassion and blessed by being able to be happy with the smallest things in live. Such as these sprinkled candles!

To my humble opinion.

Pasa un bon siman.


  1. They are so cute....they are looking yummmy even though you know they are not eatable...I love them...nice and cute.Happy week.

  2. En zo is het!!! Toch vreselijk waardevol als je van kleine, creatieve dingetjes kan genieten? Liefs van Mirjam.

  3. Nice...
    Have a great week !


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